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Bio Decomposer

Bio Decomposer

Bio Decomposer

Bio Decomposer

Decomposing Bacteria and cell mass of fungal spore accelerate the process of decomposition under aerobic and anaerobic condition.

These Bacteria and Fungus are capable of decomposing organic raw material, crop stubbles, animal waste and food waste like raw as well as cooked, vegetable waste, house hold waste, facile waste, paper industry waste can decompose easily. Agriculture waste also compost easily by some higher level dose. And produce carbon dioxide, ammonia, water, heat and humus. It breaks down proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates such as cellulose, hemi cellulose and lignin.



Bacterial spore and fungal spore when mixed with organic raw material gets activated and multiply many folds. Actually it’s depends on type of waste and size of waste. If it is cut in fine particle it will treat as same dose 10lit/ton. Period for decomposing depends on waste grade. 5-6 days required for activation of growth and degradation starts. It will complete within 15-20 days.



· Mix 500 ml Bio Decomposer (Bacterial) and 500 ml Bio 
  Decomposer (Fungal) in sufficient quantity of water.

· We can decompose the crop stubbles in the field with a spray of
  1.0-1.5 litres of Bio Decomposers, both fungal and bacterial per 

· Spray this solution on heap of organic raw material, crop
  stubbles and animal waste of one metric ton.

· After 8-10 days turn the organic raw material of the heap and
  again spray this solution on the heap and mix it thoroughly.

· Keep this heap undisturbed for 45-60 days.

· Now the compost is ready for use in the field.



Non-toxic to human beings, animals, plants, birds, aquatic animals and non-target organisms.



Stored in cool and dry place.

Away from direct sunlight and heat.



· Shake well before use.

· Once the bottle opened, use the entire content.

· Don’t mix with any antibiotics and fungicides.

· Wear protective mask and gloves before using.

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