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Liquid Consortia Bio Fertilizer

Liquid Consortia Bio Fertilizer

Liquid Consortia Bio Fertilizer

Approx. Rs 350 / Litre





Viable Cell Count

Rhizobium / Azotobacter / Azospirillum

1 x108 cell / ml of liquid (CFU min.)

Viable Cell Count


1 x108 cell / ml of liquid (CFU min.)

Viable Cell Count


1 x108 cell / ml of liquid (CFU min.)

Total minimum

5 x108 cell / ml of liquid (CFU min.)

Contamination level

No contamination at any dilution


5.0 – 7.0

Azotobacter spp. in NPK liquid formulation increase nitrogen uptake, produce plant growth
hormones (IAA, GA), vitamins enhancement in uptake NO3, NH4, H2PO4, K and Fe.
Azospirillum is an associative micro aerophillic nitrogen fixer. This bacterium induce the plant
foods to secrete and mucilase which aerate low oxygen environment and helps to fix
atmospheric nitrogen.
PSB possess the activity to solubilize the Phosphorous by secreting organic acids (Gluconic acid,
formic acid, glutomic acid, lactic acid, citrate, malic acid) lower soil pH and turns unavailable
forms of soil phosphate to available form. Some of hydroxyl acids ch-e- late Ca, Al, Fe and Mg
resulting in effective availability of soil and reduced phosphate dose by 50%. KMB to mobilize
potash available in soil of the plant activates the numerous enzymes system involved in
formation of organic substances and protein compounds.
Target Crops:
Suitable for all crops like Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Groundnut, Sugarcane, Grapes, Pomegranate,
Citrus, Banana, Tea, Coffee, Coconut, Vegetables and Flowers
Benefit to the crop and soil:
Method of application and dosage for Liquid Formulation:
BIO NPK is balanced perfect mixture that create a balance in the use of chemical fertilizer
It can be used along with irrigation water in case of fruit crop.

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