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Tricoderma Viride 1% WP

Trichoderma Viride

Trichoderma Viride

Approx. Rs 65 / Kilogram

SAMRIDHI TRICHODERMA is a carrier based biofungicide containing viable spores hyphal propagules of Trichoderma.This fungal antagonist have shown considerable potential in controlling certain serious diseases likr root/stem/collar rots,damping off and wilts of groundnut,cotton,chickpea,sesamum,moong urad beans,pigeon pea,soyabean,ginger etc.


The fungus Trichoderma multiplies fast on root exudates produces antibiotics and enzymes that kill the pathogens in the rhizosphere protects the host plant.Further,it produces certain organic acids with solubilize fixed phosphate and increases its availability to plants.

RECOMMENDATION: SAMRIDHI TRICHODERMA is recommended against roots rots,collar rots,stem rot,damping off and wilts of various crops caused Macrophomina,Rhizoctonia,Sclerotium,fusarium,Virticillium etc.


Samridhi Trichoderma dry formulation is applied for dry seed treatment @ 4-8 gm/kg of seed. The formulation contains adequate adhesive to stick eith the seeds in desired quantity.

TUBER/RHIZOME TREATMENT: These can also be treated with dry powder of the biofertilizer @ 10gm per kg of the tuber/Rhizome.

SEEDLING TREATMENT:Put 10 gm of Trichoderma per litre of water required and shake well and dip the roots of seedlings for 30 mts before transplantation.


1.The biocontrol agent go on multiplying along the plant roots as they grow and give a sustainable protection to plants throughout the crop season,which no chemical products do.

2.Samridhi Trichoderma also produces organic acids which helps in solubilizing fixed phosphate in soil and makes it available to plants.

3.Chemical treatment to seed and soil is short lived and that too with a stigma of polluting soil,affecting adversly man,animals and beneficial microganisms while, Samridhi Trichoderma is safe and the control is long lived.

4.The product can be used along with biofertilizers.

FORMULATION: Samridhi Trichoderma seed is a dry carrier based active culture of Trichoderma containing 20x10 colony forming units (C.F.U.) per gram.It is a free flow dry formulation with adequate sticker to facilitate dry seed treatments.

SAFETY: Samridhi Trichoderma is completely safe to environment,human beings,animals and birds.

SHELF LIFE: THE C.F.U. of Samridhi Trichoderma is retained well upto 6 months when the product is stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.


1.Samridhi Trichoderma is sensitive to Carbendazim,captan and Thiram,therefore seeds should not be treated with these fungicides when applying the boifertilizer.

2.Whole content of the packet should be used in one time.

3.Treated seed should be sown shortly after treatment.

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